Friday Funny News- butter bridge

4 September

Official Government agents in China have ordered workers to spread an entire 1,000 foot long steel bridge in butter to prevent people from using it to jump off in their suicide attempts.
All the surfaces on the bridge which are climable on the bridge in Guangzhou have been covered in greasy fat to stop the spate of people who are threatening to jump from it.
Government spokesman Shiu Liang said: “We’ve tried putting guards at both ends of the bridge but that did not work – and we put up special fences and notices asking people not to commit suicide here but none of it worked – and so now we have put butter over the bridge and it has worked very well. Nobody can get up there and nobody who tries ever falls.”
The bridge guard Mr. Wong Man comments “The butter makes the bars and frames slippery and hard to climb on to, and we can easily catch them…Each time somebody threatens to commit suicide to get media attention or sympathy over personal problems we end up with several hours of tailbacks and there were lots of complaints and since we put up the butter there have been no problems with these attention seekers.”

Haha, I wonder if they spread it on with a knife? I can’t get over the Bridge Guards name, Mr Wong Man! Fantastic.