Friday Funny News – drunk chess champ

11 September

Now we love a good story about drinking, especially when it’s someone who shouldn’t be:

French chess champion Vladislav Tkachiev was forced to retire a match against Tamil Nadu’s Praveen Kuma after he fell asleep drunk, in the middle of the game.
Tkachiev was finally declared after one hour of play “timed run-out” during the Kolkata Open Grandmasters Chess Tournament when officials decided that he was not fit to continue his game.
Tournament co-organiser Soumen Majumder said: “What happened is unfortunate. It’s in bad taste. Once the event is over, we will hold a meeting and decide how to proceed against this player.”
Kuma added: “All I have to say is that I was given the point after the match, that’s all.”
The hour-long match was reportedly disrupted when Tkachiev fell asleep several times while planning his moves before he was eventually carried off by the tournement organisers.

Haha, that’s brilliant, I wonder if he’d have won if he’d have been left to his own devices, or maybe he’d have got up and found some hot lady in the audience and ask her to dance or something? I’m not sure many hot ladies go to Chess tournemants, but surely when you’re drunk you can always find one. I figure it seems appropriate for me to plug a t-shirt, what with us having so many booze related ones and all, so here it is, just for you my old pal Vladislav:
drunkards t-shirt