Friday Funny News – kiddie abused by bill

18 September

So in these paranoid times of peadophiles around every corner and babys getting molested left, right and center we thought this headline might be rather eye catching, the bill in question is of course a recipt, not some “uncle” or a pervy guy around the corner, let’s read:

A little girl, Molly Cartin, aged two was branded a “littlefucker” on an itemised receipt given to her parents after easting at a Mexican restaurant.

Parents, Kimberley and Craig Cartin, who were sat in the kid’s zone of Cactus Joe’s in Halifax, said that their daughter’s response to the slow service and somewhat poor food may have caused the incident.

As well as the prices and quantities of their meals and their food preferences, the bill listed the item “1 x Thankyyoulittlefucker”.

Father, Craig explained: “I’m a fairly easy-going guy, but I couldn’t believe my eyes. The meal was indifferent anyway but to be abused on the bill is unbelievably offensive. It’s awful behaviour. Molly was a bit grumbly but her behaviour was not terrible, so this was just uncalled for. Presumably they had meant to delete the insult before printing the bill, but it’s still no excuse.”

Restaurant owner Steve Ryan, 49, commented: “This was absolutely inexcusable and it won’t be tolerated. The person involved has been sacked and I am planning on consulting my lawyers to see if I can take further action against her. I have visited the customer involved and invited him to be our guest this weekend. We offer unreserved apologies.”

Haha, that’s hilarious, I know it’s not just me that hates noisy, whiney and often smelly little kids is it?