Not a happy bunny- funny t-shirts review

26 September

Times are tough, there’s no getting away from it – banks are going bust, the government is going bust trying to fund the crappy banks with endless cash that just magically disappears and Iran is hoping to fire a few Nukes our way any day now. My advice? Panic buy t-shirts. Functional and cool ;) if you get mutated in a nuclear blast they probably won’t fit you anymore, or protect you from the actual blast itself, unless of course you buy hundreds of them, then it’ll be super thick and it might help stop you getting exposed to so much raditation. (Teesbox t-shirts does not advise trying to use t-shirts to protect yourself from explosions, nor makes any alligations that they wil stop you getting hurt or injured.)

Well anyway, in these down trodden times it seems like one of our best selling t-shirts is very appropriate, and here it is:

not a hapy bunny funny t-shirts
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I thought it’d be interesting to find out where “not a happy bunny” the saying originated, but I can’t find the answer, seems no one knows, the most popular theory, and best one I can see is the “bunny” bit relates to some one jumping up and down in frustration or anger, like a rabbit. Maybe that’s it, I’ll assume so.