Pervy Big foot and what we think would suit him.

10 September

WHat?! You say, well, I’ve got a odd post here, a bit of “news” and a bit of t-shirt stuff. First the news, that inspired this:

A bikini-clad Polish student, Justyna Folger has said that she was ogled by a yeti while paddling in a river in her bikini.
Footage has surfaced apparently taken by the girls boyfriend showing the beast lusting after the girl on the opposite bank.
Justyna Folger
Justyna told Poland’s Super Express: “I wandered into the river for a dip when I realised that something was on the opposite shore.

“At first I thought it was a bear but it appeared to be stooping and then it raised itself on to two legs and ran off. I couldn’t believe it.”

National Park Guards commander Edward Wlazlo said: “We are investigating the matter. If there is something out there we will find it.”

Last month, walker Piotr Kowalsk filmed video footage of what he described as a “huge ape-like form” hiding behind the rocks in the Tatra mountains.

If you check out google you can find the video pretty easy, we’d be perving on her too if we were Yetis. And yes, it more than likely is some dude just wearing a costume.
Anyway, we’ve got to make this thing shirt related, and all the videos of jiggling scared teens has worn me out, so I’ll keep it brief, bigfoot, this can be yours, it comes in XXL too:
horny t-shirts