Tease – rude t-shirts review

29 September

I was speaking to a friend the other day (wow), and he reminded me of a pretty entertaining story that happened to him – he got this date with this girl with a seriously slutty reputation, and, keen to get the whole “virginity” thing out of the way, thinking his moment was in, got all prepared (i.e. pissed out of his face with her). So anyway they go back to hers, strip, climb into her bed…and wait for it, she gives him a peck on the cheek rolls over and says “i’m tired, night”. Ouch, what a bitch, it just proves that half those girls who are sluts aren’t really, they’re kinda “wannabe sluts” or, maybe a more appropriate phrase would be a tease.
tease t-shirt

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I remember loads of girls who were teases at school, so I know there’s plenty of you out there who should be wearing this t-shirt.
But incase you’re a guy we’ve got something for you, an illustration of what a tease may look like, should you see one on you travels:

school tease

Odds that she’ll put out: 0/10 Odds that you’ll think about it: 10/10
They didn’t look that good at my school, I missed out, or maybe I should be greatful they were’nt hotter/ more frustrating.