The T-shirt stories

8 September

So I get this call this morning that when I’m writting this blog I’ve got to be “more user oriantated”, now I’m only a simple Jackalope, so I ain’too sure what that meens but I figure this might just qualify;
often you people out there email us, usually with either pretty bizarre or boring stuff about our t-shirts, so I’ve picked the best and oddest of some of these emails to publish here, enjoy!

Mike S bought this t-shirt and sent us this email:
skin isnt this mans biggest organ t-shirts
Very pleased with my t-shirt, I wore it to class, and my hot geography teacher saw it and was intreeged. She made me take it off and saw my sexy 6 pack, then she made me tack off my pants infront of the whole class (who are all girls) and they all touched me. Thanks!
I fear that isn’t true, is it Mike? Even still it’s more plausible than Danny’s story:

Danny S from Durham bought this t-shirt and emailed us the following:
probing expert t-shirts
When walking home I saw a couple of glowin lites above me, but I ignored ‘em and kept going, beer in hand! I got to the big roundabout near home when I got beamed up. It wans’t like a saucer, more like a flying cube and when I got there the aliens, whiched looked like them out of the X-file with big black eyes held me down on a table and got a big probe out and were about to get physical withmy ass when they read my “probing expert” thing on my t-shirt and they all stopped and let me go cos of it! You saved my ass, literally.

They can read English now?! Ok, well I liked this one, at least it sounds like it might have really happened:

Karan G bought this t-shirt and then mailed us:
evil twin t-shirts

Hi guys, thanks for sending so quick. I wanted it for weekend so I could wear it to church, and when I got there, the pasteur wouldn’t let me in, incase I was actually an evil twin or devil! He made me go home and change.

Would an evil twin really wear a t-shirt saying it was an evil twin? Maybe.

Here’s a predictable one:

Adam T bought the FBI t-shirt below and mailed us this:
Going out’s great now, if you go late when all the girls are drunk they see this t-shirt and let you feel to make sure everythings ok. It usually is but I have a good squeeze, just incase.

Haha, I bet you do.

Here’s another sexy sort of one, it’s good to see we’re helping the sex trade with our fine garments, Jenny J from Liverpool bought this and emailed us:

dont call me cowgirl

Hi, t-shirts just what I was after. I work in a local Massage Palour and I preffer getting to ride cowgirl on clients as it’s safer because I get more control. I’m doing alot more cowgirls now thanks to this t-shirt.
Cheers, Jen.

These emails would be alot better with pictures guys. Remember all these shirts and many more can only be bought exclusivley from Teesbox t-shirts

Simon V from Cardiff got the excellent and delighfully offensive high school massacre t-shirt (below) and said:
hsm shirt
Did my GCSE’s wearing this. No one said a thing!

I’m kinda not suprised, they were probably bricking themselves you had some sort of weapon to use on anyone who talked to you.

There’s tonnes of these emails, but I leave you with one of the very oddest from this collection:

Roy B from Dorset, UK bought the SILF t-shirt, below, and sent us the email:
silf t-shirt

I went to stay with my uncle for the week, who is a farmer and lives out in the countryside. I knew we were going to some random sheep festival thing (whatever that is) andso I wanted this SILF funny shirt to wear to make people laugh. It went down OK, but I hadn’t been there ten mins and was just wandering aroudnt he stalls when some old guy, who was about 70-75 came up to me, and said he liked sheep in that way too, and he took one to bed last night and it wouldn’t stop stuggling, and showed me a bruise on his arm it’d given running away! I laughed and went, quickly. THis is where it get’s more worrying, not 2 hours later another guy said to me he keeps trying with the sheep and can’t get the hang of it, and wanted to know if you’re suppost to do it sitting down or standing up! I didn’t know what to say.

That’s scary.