This must be underwater t-shirt love

19 September

So I was scratching my head, what to write about today, when I heard one of the oddest 90′s singles I can think of (and that’s saying something) playing on good ol’ VH1 Classic, I ain’t sure “This must be underwater love” by Smoke City really is a classic, but some one at VH1 obviously thought so, it was followed by “wannabe” – which definatley isn’t a classic, or maybe it is, if the list were “100 awful songs of the 90′s” (which incidentally airs on Sunday at 9pm – I jest).
So here’s the t-shirt which is kinda vaguely related to the song in question…
king of the jungle funny t-shirts
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I looked up ol’ smoke city on wikipedia, there’s a dissapointing amount of information on them there, other than that the single “underwater love” peaked at number 4 in the UK charts and that it was used on that mermaid Levi’s ad.. which I think is the reason everyone knows this song. Lame. I’d have thought there’d have been a bit more about it, like maybe what it all meens? Anyway, as those of you who have come across sharks before, you’ll know hey live underwater, in the sea, and aren’t therefore king of the jungle, but if they were land creatures, surely they would be.
Some of the sharper/nerdier ones amongst you may recongnise the king of the jungle thing applying to sharks from the Simpsons episode “bart carny” when Homer is on a glass bottomed boat and see’s a shark bellow him.
Homer: Hey, come on, sharky!
Bart: Yeah. You want a piece of this?
Homer: You call yourself the king of the jungle.