Top funny slogan t-shirts

14 September

Here’s our countdown of the top funny slogan t-shirts, only available to buy at

SO here goes:

slogan number five:
stop looking at my boobs slogan t-shirt

Well, what can we say about this one? It’s for ladies only, unless you’re a dude with problems. It’s a beauty in my opinion, for anyone that appreciates a little irony, having “stop looking at my boobs” written across ones tits is about as ironic as you get. Oh, and as guys, we know all ladies secretly love you looking at them, why else would they ever display clevage if it wasn’t there to be enjoyed see?

slogan number four:
i always finish what i st... slogan t-shirts

Now, I hope this one’s self explanitory, but I also know some of you reading this are probably pretty slow, but I’m still not explaining it.

slogan number three:
this shirts only blue if i'm thinking about breasts slogan t-shirt

Get it? This t-shirt only comes in 2 colours, pale blue and navy blue, and it says “this shirts only blue if i’m thinking about breasts”, so consequently wearing this meens you’re always thinking about them. And who can blame you? Not us.

slogan number two:

do i look like a people person t-shirt

So this slogan’s a bit more offensive than the funny ones above it, but don’t you love this t-shirt? I suspect if you trying wearing it, you really won’t look like a people person, which is great, no having to stand up for crusty old ladies on the bus, no having to be polite to some loser who thinks you’re their best buddy, it’s bliss.

and finally

the number one funny slogan t-shirt is…

i fart on the first date rude slogan shirts

It’ll make you and everyone around you laugh. I’m not sure if it’s a terrible choice of t-shirts to wear on a first date, or a hilarious one, try it and let us know.
All I can say is… Wine them, dine them, take them back to yours fo “coffee”, spread those legs real wide apart and release your wonderful smell and ruptuous noise. They’ll love it. Maybe.