10 years since…

15 October

Dreamcast was launched in Europe.  today! Now I guess you’re all like ‘why the hell’s a blog about funny t-shirts going on about Sega?’ The answer…I’m not sure, I guess we sell some retro stuff, and the Dreamcast is pretty retro as of today.

I thought i’d mention a few of the best bits of this console, again, I don’t know why, maybe it’s a yearning for the 90′s.

The logo:

The console isn’t the best looking thing I’ve ever seen but no one can help but enjoy the wiggly swirly line logo things, see below.:

    28k Modem:

    What can I say, pretty nippy. All the (small) text files you can handle if you’re prepared to wait 30 mins +.

    The games:

    Shenmue, a combo of first person shooters and fork lift truck driving, so expensive to make it bankrupted it’s developers. And forget the whole World of Warcraft thing – check out the console equivilent – Phantasy Star Online. And how about Soulcalibre, gory fighting at its best- as long as you ignore the lame xbox live version.

    High definition:

    it could be hooked upto a PC monitor to provide HD gaming – way before any other console.

    The gear:

    Sure there was the modem, but my fave part was the OTT memory cards with their own screen, buttons and games.

    sega dreamcast memory - visual memory unit!
    Keep the dream (cast) alive!