Friday Funny News – burglar falls asleep

9 October

Well this is a whole lot like the Friday Funny from two weeks back
but it’s all good. Enjoy:

Sleeping Robber:

Police have arrested a 29 year old man on counts of burglary and criminal damage after he broke into a home and fell asleep on Tuesday last week.
The man in Milton, Cambridge had filled a pillowcase with items from the house before drinking a bottle of wine and passing out on the couch, drooling.
A police spokesman commented: “When we arrived we found the man on the sofa with a bottle of red wine on the floor next to him and after trying to wake him we promptly charged him with attempted burglary.”

Ha, what a jerk. I don’t gettit, surely when you rob stuff, you’d be in and out of there as fast as possible? I can’t imagine thinking ‘oh i’ll drink this wine while I’m here’ it’s probably on a par with the loser who loaded his facebook profile. Some one actually wrote to us after the facebook robber post – who knows if it’s true:

Alan F emails:

‘In my younger years I had a couple of scrapes with the law, I was in a flat and found a copy of playboy or some magazine like that and decided to jerk a quick one out. THe police came to find me with my trousers round my ankles and my hand in my pants. I went without a struggle…the police woman was hot.”