Friday Funny News – holy bank manager

30 October

Mmm, I guess it should be holey bank manager, I don’t think any bank manager could ever be percieved as ‘holy’.

Former Barclays bank manager, John Lynch of Apsely, hertfordshire has been recognised by the Guinness World Records authority for having the most body piercings.
After giving his job up as Barclays manager he got 241 piercings in total 150 of those being on his head and neck.
The seventy eight year-old said: “I gave up working at the bank all those years ago because I was a square peg in a round hole and I always wanted to get a few piercings and tattoos. I knew I wanted to stand out a bit from the crowd, and I could not do that at the bank… I never thought about breaking the record. I’ve always just done it because I like it, but it is quite an achievement. I was actually a few short so had 20 or so popped into my arms to bring up the numbers and if somebody beats me I’m sure I could always find space for a few more.”
tattooed and pierced bank manager john lynch
I don’t know about you, but I’d trust my money with him. Maybe.
I wonder if they’d employ him like that, let’s face it, there’s not exactly much of a reputation for banks in the UK to harm is there? I vote bring him back, give him a bonus too…all in piercings, in fact why not make that go for all the high flying bankers, reward their greed with a few delightful pieces of metal stuck in their face.