Friday Funny News – is that a knife in your ass?

2 October

Doctors in China have discovered that a knife was left in a woman’s ass for four months.
Ying Shi who’s 26, revealed that the physicians in Shanghai gave her a scan when she came to them after suffering from stomach complaints following a mugging.
She said: “All I remember of the night was a stabbing pain in my ass. I thought they had just slashed me, I didn’t realise the whole blade had gone all the way in.
I am amazed they missed it the first time around but very relieved that they’ve found it now.”
The knife had gone so deep into Ying’s rear that X-rays showed it was pressing against her bladder.

How the hell could some one stick a whole knife up your ass and you not even know about it? I’m very puzzled by it all, like “oh I’ve just a cut[presumbaly on her ass] but it’ll be ok” when really the knife’s actually in there? I find it hard to believe. Anyone else notice how all the most bizarre news comes from China? It ain’t just coincidence I tells ya, go there and you’ll be giving birth to 8 mummified babies, slipping off butter coated bridges and getting denied to go to sex museums before you know it.