Friday Funny News – penis tattoo

16 October

We all know tattoo’s likesmoking and anything bad for you that your mother would hate are cool, but check this out:
Joel, twenty seven from northern Sweden woke up after drinking a full bottle of vodka the previous night to discover a rude picture of a six-inch penis tattooed on his thigh.
Joel was only told about how he gained the body art by his friends the next day;
On admiring a moustache tattoo on his friend’s hand in a local bar, the man was overheard by a tattoo artist who said he would tattoo him on the condition that he was allowed to have complete freedom to choose what he wanted the design to be of.
Joel, from Umea, told Swedish paper Aftonbladet: “The last thing I remember is leaving my apartment. I found out afterwards who it was. He works at a tattoo palour near here. But I did go along with it.. he didn’t exactly force me.”
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How’s he ever going to explain that? “Ignore the cock on my leg, it’s the one in my pants you need to concentrate on”, I wonder if it’s a likeness of his own or someone elses- I’m not entirely sure which is worse. I guess he should be glad it’s not on somewhere more visable than his leg!