Funny t-shirts for fat guys (for men and women really)

13 October

As you’ve no doubt seen we offer a very generous XL and XXL size on all of our funny t-shirts, and this has been a hit with those of you of a more portly disposition. We’ve even got some designs that are funny just for people with a belly, and so without further ado (a doo?sp?) here they are, in no particular order, they’re all equally funny I guess.
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Why have a 6 pack, when you can have a barrel?
why have a six pack Click here for details and to order this shirt. It’s great for going boozing in too, so you can’t go wrong.
I’m not pregnant, I’m just fat
i'm not pregnant i'm just fat t-shirts Click for info on this t-shirt
You might think it’s just for women, but I disagree, it’s as (if not more) hilarious on men as it is on women, or mixed genders, or whatever other options there are of gender out there :) .
I’m chubby and it hurts to run t-shirts:
i'm chubby and it hurts to run tshirt

I’m chubby t-shirts, buy ‘em here.

I see this guy running near home all the time, well ‘jogging’ ifyou want to be pedantic, and he’s huge, sweating like a P I G and looking like he hates every second of it, so this t-shirts inspired for him, and created for everyone out there like him. If you’re not the most athletic person on the planet and you’re jogging to save yourself from the Doritos based heart attack which is almost inevitable then buy this shirt now.
fatman Na na na na na BATMAN!
This shirt says it all. Plus it picks on Batman, don’t you just loathe his right wing ass? Running some massive corp which is fuelling his super hero fetish and keeping petty thieves of the streets, why don’t you pick on the corporate whores an mega tycoons out there you fascist fuck!
i beat anorexia
If you need to buy this shirt in extra extra large we congratulate you, you really thrashed that stupid disease! Click here to buy

Smile if you screw fat guys t-shirts
smile Fat? Get smiled at? Then this is the shirt for you me thinks. Maybe they’ll feel obliged to sleep with you after grinning and reading your shirt, or at least giving you a blowjob. Buy it here!