New funny t-shirts “floozy”

26 October

Wow, another new t-shirt! :O
Definition of floozy:
“floo·zy also floo·zie
n. pl. floo·zies Slang
A woman regarded as tawdry or sexually promiscuous.

Right, this is a pretty one, it’s probably aimed more at ladies, but hey, we’re not here to judge.
floozy t-shirts
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It’s hard to know what to say about floozy, except that it’s a funny word and generally refers to a bit of a slutty kind of lady and typing it in on the ol’ image search gets you some (but not as many as I’d have expected) pictures of women up to things they shouldn’t be, usually involving a big cock.

funny cock
We’re keen on all types of floozy, so this t-shirts available in sizes small, medium, large, extra large, extra extra large and fitted sizes 10 and 12, plus a choice of five colours, navy blue, red, black, pale blue and the ultimate floozy So buy it now! It’ll have guys knocking down your door to get to your panties.
As per usual if you’re in the UK postage is totally free, an if you’re in one of them overseas countries out there, it’s pretty damn cheap no matter if you live in France, Russia or the USA.
PS if you’re a real floozy you’ll probably enjoy this funny news story about naked streakers in a devon petrol station