Top 3 nerdy nerd nerdesque funny t-shirts slogans

19 October

So you nerdy nerds, these are for you:

In at number 3:
i was never cool t-shirts
Don’t you just hate it when you see someone from your past, like from school or something and they see you and run up to you all excited, chat for 2 mins and then say:
“Dude, you used to be cool!?!”
Eugh, seriously, no I didn’t. Losers. For more details go here

Umero Numero 2?
check out my floppy disk
Do you miss floppy disks? Or snigger at there lowly 1.44mb capacity. If so then this is the t-shirt for you my friend. It’s a little rude, but in a geeky way. Who knows maybe some fine lady will want to see if you hae any other 3.5″ floppies on your person (Like stashed in the soles of your shoes with a couple of SNES Roms and a midi file of the Wombles theme tune all hidden safely away). Huzzah! See here for more details on this nerd t-shirt

And the big ONE…

It’s the classic…

c dos run
Screw GUI’s, long live DOS, there was atime typing away with clever stuff on your PC (or should i say IBM compatible personal computer) made you look cool..ish. Show your nerdy ways with this hilarious t-shirt, it’s a good way to make friends (and probably enemies aka bullies) too – the people the understand the gag will enjoy it. Check it out here