Friday Funny News – underage wine gums

6 November

Fifteen year old Jaz Bhogal of Leverington, Cambridgeshire was told that he could not purchase a packet of Haribo Wine Gums because he was underage.
After purchasing the packet of alcohol free sweets he was called back by the checkout worker from the 99p Store in Wisbech.
Bhogal told commented “He asked me how old I was and when I said I was 15 he said he couldn’t sell me the sweets.He said they had wine in them and pointed to the word wine on the packet, I was speechless.”

Company spokesman Graham Barnes said: “Because the Wisbech store opened fairly recently there seems to have been a very unfortunate glitch. We have rectified this and are sure it won’t happen again at any of our UK stores. and to show that we have a good sense of humour we would like to offer Jaz a nine-item voucher to spend in the store on condition that at least one of these products is wine gums.”

“HA” bloody “HA”, that’s their idea of humour? Forcing him to buy the wine gums that they formerly humiliated him with? Imagine at a brothel, the hooker sends you on your way, only to rape you later? Or if he’d have been trying to buy fags, and they’d have made him smoke 100′s, that’d be kinda like that thing parents to do to make their kids stop smoking. I never got that, I’m sure it gets most kids hooked after their 50th cigarette. Weirdos. It doesn’t work, imagine punishment for peado’s – here fiddle with a million kids, then see how you like it. I suspect they (the pervert, not the kids) would like it just fine.