Funny t-shirt pick of the month! (April)

30 April

Hello, a pick for this month is pretty tough because there’s so many great shirts out there. We’ve got over 200 for you to choose from – maybe you should buy one of each… we’d like that :) .
BUT I ain’t sitting here all day when I’ve got things to do. (or at least pretending to have things to do), so without further ado, here it is:

heron addiction t-shirtClick here for more details about this t-shirt

Why shoot heroine when you can shoot a heron up? I’m not sure how finely you’d have to grind it to get it into your vains but I’ll leave you to figure out the details. Maybe it’d be better to smoke it. That’ll teach those stupid birds for eating everyones goldfish. I guess you could roll your tobacco in their feathers, sounds pretty fancy to me, like something one of those lazy/secret whore prude victorian ladies would do in their big dresses.
Anyway back to the shirt…
It comes in a wide variety of seven sizes and five different colours, black, pale blue, red, pink and navy blue.You’ll have lots of fun and exciting antics enjoying the odd stares you get when people think you’re proclaiming yourself as a drug addict. Remember kids; drugs are bad.