Teesbox’s top 3 Offensive t shirts!

14 April

Don’t you just love pissing everyone off? Well there’s no better way than by wearing an offensive shirt – you don’t even have to say or do anything excpet walk into a room to make everyone hate you.

IN at no. 3.
only losers and terrorists offensive t-shirts
It’s funny cos its true, 9 out of 10 bus users are al qaeda members, the rest are just jerks.
Click here to check it out in more detail.

screaming only makes it sexier offensive shirt no 2
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If you love shocking people and looking good then this is the shirt for you! Jiggling breasts might be pretty hot by themselves, but combined with a high pitched shrill of a rape victim they are even better.

1. our fave offensive tee;
fuck you t-shirt
An all time classic, that gets straight to the point. It’s not one to wear round to your Nan’s house that’s for sure.
Buy it here.

That’s the lot folks. If you’re into REALLY offensive t-shirts and want a whole site dedicated to them we suggest checking out our new sister site, dedicated to all you sicko’s out there – Offensive T-shirts UK which, if you can’t guess is a UK based site full of rude and offensive shirts at great prices.

Enjoy! Jackalope