Funny ‘Soccer’ T-Shirt Available Now

26 June

Ok so if you’re anywhere on planet Earth (but maybe excluding the US) we’ve got the t-shirt for you. As you all probably know it’s World Cup time and whether your country is winning or losing this t-shirt is sure to go down well.

See, we really hate with a passion how the US refers to NFL (that’s national football league, aka American football) as “football”, and proper football magically becomes “soccer” – it just ain’t right I tells ya.

How did it even get called that anyway? I see no socks in it, and as for NFL football, you notice there’s not a lot of foot action in it? Re-name it armball, then you can use football in the normal way! Live it up.

So to celebrate this poor and irritating use of the English language we’ve come up with this little number for you:



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It comes in five great colours: navy, pale blue, red, pink and black plus a wide range of sizes and styles to suit everyone.

Please buy it, if you give us money we’ll be total sell out whores and keep our fingers crossed your nation does well. And if you don’t buy it we’ll keep our fingers crossed that your football (or should that be soccer ball) gets replaced with a grenade. Enjoy kicking that bastard around.