May T-shirt of the month

1 June

I’m aware that it is the first of June, before anyone moans, and yes, this should have been done yesterday but here in the UK it was a “bank holiday” (i.e a day off to get even more wasted than usual.).
Anyway, you’ll be pleased to know we’re all upto date with our orders again, so if you did order on the weekend or before your t-shirt will be arriving in the next couple of days. No delays from your old buddies at Teesbox funny t-shirts.
So for this months t-shirt pick, I choose….

*drum roll*

Game Over funny shirt

game over funny shirt

The reason? Well it seems everyone is getting married all of a sudden. I guess it’s cos it’s spring or something and it’s maybe the only way to get your hands on her finer points if she’s not that kind of girl.

Don’t forget btw, entre the following at our chckout for a little discount – TBX509 every penny counts what with the ol’ r ecession and all that, right? Don’t waste your money by saving it, blow the lot today on our shirts :)
They all come in a wide variety of sizes from smal to a XXL, plus some ladies fitted sizes, so wether you’re a skinny little hottie or a portly gent there’s something to suit you all.