Top 3 Summer t-shirts!

21 June

Well it’s a boiling hot day here in Britain, so it seems appropriate to choose some delightfully funny t-shirts to keep you feeling and looking cool in the sunshine.
Without further delay here’s our top 3, all these funny t-shirts and many more are available exclusively from our site, teesbox.

Number 3:
designated drinker
One of my very fave t-shirts this, and i wear it constantly, but more importantly it’s in at number 3 on our list, because what’s better than a nice beer on a hot day? A beer and a drive! (Teesbox doesn’t condone drinking and driving, its very naughty, ha condone looks a lot like condom).

Number 2…
funny camel tow t-shirt
With hot sticky days comes bikinis and with bikinis come camel tows!
I’m sure you all know what a camel toe is and looks lke by now, but just incase you’ve forgotten here’s a fine example from Jessica simpson..
jessica simpsons wet cameltoe!
Do cameltoe’s remind anyone else of the song ‘epic’ by Faith no more? Anyway, i’m moving on, if anything given the nature of our business we should be talking wet t-shirt contests and nothing else.
and here it is boys, and number one:
im just a big ray of sunshine t-shirt
One of the funniest t-shirts around we reckon, you’ll surely brighten up everyones day, with your damp, bleak attitude towards life? And if not, kill them all we say! (but not before forcing them to buy dozens of our tees).

Jackalope, kiss, kiss.