What class are you?

1 July

What with the UK’s crazy new government, the conservative/liberal democrats coalition we have been thinking a lot about class, like does fox hunting make you a toff or just a brutal bitch? Do all Conservative voters drive Jags and Mercs, or just the majority? Did anyone vote lib dem who wasn’t stoned within the last 3 hours?

They’re all important questions, but thankfully we’re not a political site, so have a t-shirt instead, you silly bourgeoisie. This one seems kind of relevant, as far as they go:

Lower Middle Class

Lower Middle Class

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It comes in a wide range of styles and five different colours to suit all of your strangest body shapes and odd tastes.

We’re from the North of England so by default that makes us working class… I guess, even if we drove Ferrari’s we’d still live off of the state and eat only things that come out of a deep fryer. I hear if the economy gets any worse, we’ll all be working class anyway, so I’d advise circulating your money, spending lots of it here will really help we think! Plus all the t-shirts will cheer your miserable asses up.

Don’t despair, we’re here to save you all. Perhaps. If you like this t-shirt by the way, why not check out some more of our funny slogan t-shirts by clicking here.