New Funny T-Shirt – Hard Work Has Never Killed Anybody…

10 August

It’s been a fair old while since we last gave you some new funnies – we’ve been busy with Offensive T-Shirts UK, so make sure to check that out for all the nasty t-shirts that come from the depths of hell.
SO on to our new shirt, here it is..

Hard Work Has Never Killed Anybody... But Why Take a Chance?
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the t shirt says it all, hard work never killed anybody but why take a chance? You don’t wanna be playing with fire do you!?

Best to sit back, relax and take it easy in our opinion. No one wants to be stuck in some lousy office, especially on these nice rainy British Summer days, they might not be up to much, but they’re the best you’ll get, make the most of them we reckon. Oh yeah and by the way, if you are real busy working and making lots and lots of money we expect you to spend most of it on your ol’ pals at TeesBox, the home of funny t-shirts.

This shirt comes in a wide range of colours and styles to suit every body, no matter how fat or lazy from a wee size 10 to a mighty XXL.