Summer’s over, and we have a t-shirt for you to get cold in

13 September

Here it is, a new shirt, and a new and delightfully cold season.

Up and Dressed... What More Do You want?

Up and Dressed… What More Do You want?

Up and Dressed… What More Do You want?

Remember we’re letting all our UK customers have free postage, so there’s no hidden charges!

If you’re a lazy (or even surly) guy, or better yet if you know one, then this is the shirt for you, if he struggles to even be bothered to get up and dressed he’ll love this new t-shirt.

I’m sure there’s loads of you lazy sods out there so get buying now, it comes in a range of colours and sizes, so even if you’re really fat or really thin (i guess you might be so lazy you can’t be bothered to eat?) our shirts will fit you just fine.

Oh, and you don’t even have to get up and collect this shirt, purchase it now and it’ll get shoved through your mailbox by the end of the week. If you get on well with the postman maybe he’ll even dress you in it(remember to give him a good tip at Christmas if so, otherwise all your mail will disappear).