The TeesBox family is expanding…

30 September

Yes, your good friends at have added another great site to their ever-expanding network. We hope you will enjoy our unique brand of humour as it makes it’s way to another much-loved genre with our latest site: Nerd T-Shirts UK.

There’s literally something for everyone, with nerdy jokes and humourous references from computers, science, TV & film. It’s the one stop shop for all your nerdy needs (for the purpose of this slogan we’re going to assume your nerdy needs extend to t-shirt wearing only)!

You’ll find hilarious designs such as:

Noah’s Arcade T-Shirt

Wayne’s World fans will enjoy this nerdy reference, Noah’s Arcade was of course the Chicago based arcade chain they reluctantly endorsed after they sold out and moved from Wayne’s basement to a studio set.

E=MC Hammer T-Shirt

I’m afraid we can’t point you in the direction of the Hammer Pants to go with it, but this great t-shirt is sure to entice a wry smile from science and rap fans alike.

Flux Capacitor T-Shirt

Lets be honest, we all wanted a DeLorean in the 80′s following Spielberg’s classic Back to the Future series of films, however the lack of availability of Flux Capacitor’s somewhat dampened that dream for many. Well, let your dreams be damp no more (does that sound rude?) because the Flux Capacitor’s are here, with all the gigawatt’s you can handle. Great Scott!

For all these, and more, check out our new website: Nerd T-Shirts UK.