More New Geek and Funny T Shirts

30 August

We’re spoiling you with a huge range of our geek and funny t shirts now, so you’d better be good to us and get buying them.
First up, check out this geek-fest:
If you’ve ever play Street fighter I, II(not to mention all it’s spin offs), Alpha, EX, Vs, III, or IV then this is the shirt for you, and if you haven’t heard of any of them where have you been the past 24 years?

Shoryuken Street Fighter T-Shirt

Shoryuken Street Fighter T-Shirt

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You’ll never forget your favourite special move again with this little beauty! It comes in a range of sizes and colours to suit everyone (well, almost everyone, Dhalsim – we’re really sorry but the sleeves aren’t long enough for your crazy Yoga moves). If nothing else it’s a good excuse to run around screaming ‘shoryuken’ like a mad man. Enjoy!

Speaking of mad men, if you are one and proud of it then visit this new t shirt to let everyone know that you’re officially out (and not in a gay way).