So nearly a whole year has passed

16 August

Since we last bothered to make a post about our funny t shirts, but you’ll notice we’ve kept our word and added lots and lots more to both teesbox and to our new sister site, nerd t shirts uk.
Heres the latest two for you to check out:

I Did Not Escape... They Game Me a Day Pass

I Did Not Escape… They Game Me a Day Pass

I did not escape they gave me a day pass t shirt

A great little t shirt for all you semi-sane kinda people out there, we know there’s lots of you so get buying it now!

And for the Trekkie in your life:

Hab SoSlI Quch! - Klingon - Star Trek

Hab SoSlI Quch! – Klingon – Star Trek

hab-sosli-quch geek t shirt

For those of you who aren’t learned in the ways of the Klingon empire it says “your mother has a smooth forehead”, very offensive if you happen to pride yourself on your head wrinkles.