Our Top 10 Movie Related Tees

20 January

With the impending death of Blockbuster video, and high-street movie rentals as we know it, what better time for us to jump on the bandwagon and fill the empty place in the heart of movie lovers worldwide (OK, maybe it’s only Blockbuster UK going bust…).

No, we don’t have any exciting movies for you, but we do have some rather splendid Movie related T-Shirts that we just know you’ll love.


10 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

ferris buellers day off

That loveable rogue Ferris Bueller went to alarming lengths to get his day off, showing some serious determination to outwit his school principle. Those lucky folks at Blockbuster UK don’t know how lucky they’ve got it, their 4500+ staff can relax at home with their feet up, or if they’re more adventurous like our pal Ferris they can borrow their Daddy’s expensive car, visit an art museum or check out a parade.

Anyway we don’t have a ‘Save Blockbuster’ t-shirt, but this is the next best thing:

Save Ferris T-Shirt

Save Ferris T-Shirt


9 – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


If you’re a fan of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, whether that be the book, tv series or movie, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the significance of the number 42. With that in mind, how can you not buy the t-shirt below? After all, it’s the  “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”:

42 - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Geeky T-Shirt

42 – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Geeky T-Shirt


8 - Monty Python and the Holy Grail

monty python

For Monty Python fans, we’ve found the Holy Grail of t-shirts, we’re sure you’ll love it, and it’s all yours for the measly sum of one shrubbery (or £11.99 if you can’t find a reliable shrubber):

The Knights Who Say Ni - Monty Python - Nerdy T-Shirt

The Knights Who Say Ni – Monty Python – Nerdy T-Shirt


7 – Wayne’s World

waynes world

Wayne’s World is a classic, and one of a very small selection of films where the sequel didn’t suck. It would have been easy for them to milk these characters dry with multiple sequels like some of the crap they bring out Today, but thankfully the only selling out Wayne and Garth did was in the movie itself. Now’s your opportunity to do the same with this delightful t-shirt in the style of Wayne’s World sponsor Noah’s Arcade:

Noah's Arcade - Wayne's World - Movie T-Shirt

Noah’s Arcade – Wayne’s World – Movie T-Shirt


6 – The Deer Hunter


Any movie starring Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken has to be considered a must-see film. It is the story of 3 friends who enlist into the U.S. Army to fight in the Vietnam war. Particularly enthralling is the classic scene where the 3 men are brought to a Vietcong prison camp and forced to play Russian Roulette against each other, though that’s not nearly as classic as this delightful t-shirt:

Old Dear Hunter - Funny T-Shirt

Old Dear Hunter – Funny T-Shirt


5 – Batman

dark knight

There have been countless Batman movies (actually I’m sure they’re countable but we can’t be bothered), the most recent of which include the highly acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. Batman is perhaps the ultimate superhero fantasy, because realistically, given the right amount of funding, motivation, and a butler called Alfred, just about anyone could be Batman. In contrast it’s unlikely you could aspire to be the Hulk or Spiderman. If you can’t get the money together to become everyone’s favourite vigilante, rest in the knowledge that so long as you have the money for a decent supply of Happy Meal’s, you can aspire to be this guy:

Fatman - Batman Spoof - Funny T-Shirt

Fatman – Batman Spoof – Funny T-Shirt


4 – Jaws


Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water, we go and announce this hilariously funny Jaws t-shirt:

Der Dum... - Jaws - Geeky T-Shirt

Der Dum… – Jaws – Geeky T-Shirt


3 – Trainspotting


Trainspotting might not be the most exciting hobby in the world, but the 1990′s drug-addled movie was quite well received. Strangely enough it wasn’t even remotely about spotting trains, and neither is this funny t-shirt:

Crane Spotting - Funny T-Shirt

Crane Spotting – Funny T-Shirt


2 – Star Wars


Arguably the most popular movie franchise of all time, soon to receive some Disneyfication, to much trepidation among fans. While you’re worrying about what the future may hold for Star Wars, here’s something to raise your spirits in the form of a homage from your good friends at Nerd T-Shirts UK:

May The Mass x Acceleration Be With You - Star Wars - Nerdy T-Shirt

May The Mass x Acceleration Be With You – Star Wars – Nerdy T-Shirt


1 – Back to the Future


Marty McFly taught us, in this 1980′s classic, that time travel is a dangerous game, but I’m sure we’ve all wanted to time travel at some point. Whether it’s for something as benign as dropping your toast buttered side-up on the floor, or something slightly more severe like the loss of a loved one or being outbid for that fax machine on eBay, the idea of being able to go back in time and re-right your wrongs is very appealing. With that in mind we’ve come up with the perfect t-shirt for you time-travel wannabes (flux capacitor not included):

I Drive at 88mph... Just In Case - Back to the Future - Nerdy T-Shirt

I Drive at 88mph… Just In Case – Back to the Future – Nerdy T-Shirt


This concludes the Top 10 movie t-shirts countdown. Thanks for reading, stay tunes for more exciting Top 10′s in the coming weeks.