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Caution: May react badly to holy water. Just imagine how much Father Dyer could have reacted if Regan had worn this in The Exorcist? Before your next Possession buy this funny t-shirt to save yourself and everyone around you a bit of bother.

This t-shirt can be chosen in a range of 4 colours, we like black best though. It comes in seven different sizes from small to XXL- Satan's not fussy! It's pure 100% cotton for a soft and high quality texture, it is preshrunk and double stitched for extra durability that should survive all the head rotating you can handle. Postage is free in the UK, and cheap shipping for the rest of the world, wether you're in Europe, the U.S. or Australia, we don't mind.

This t-shirt is available in a variety of Colours and Sizes sizes. The t-shirt is 100% cotton for a smooth, premium texture and is preshrunk and double stitched for extra durability. Postage is free within the UK.

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